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239. How to Pivot to Your New ONE Thing
Episode 23920th April 2020 • The ONE Thing • NOVA Media
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How are you adapting in these unprecedented times?

The path of living The ONE Thing is relatively simple: you identify Your ONE Thing, you time block Your ONE Thing, and you protect your time block. That is a path of mastery that you go down over the course of your life. But we’ve been dealt a new hand now and circumstances have changed. We have to pivot and make sure that we can still be productive in the areas of our life that matter most.

Ask yourself: what is The ONE Thing you can do, such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary? Even in difficult times, the question and the process are still the same. Look at your life today and find out what you can be doing to knock over that lead domino. And don’t forget to give yourself some grace. We’re all facing this together.

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In this episode, you will learn...

  • [03:44] Shifting your mindset to acknowledge the reality today
  • [16:41] Determining what your new ONE Thing will be
  • [32:49] How to make your calendar reflect your priorities
  • [43:54] What protecting our time blocks looks like today

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