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God Have Mercy On Me
Episode 325th November 2022 • JOLLYLAND • The Vocalizers
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Mercy is the compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one's power to punish or harm. In episode 3 of Jollyland, Krampus shows no mercy after learning more about what happened between him and his half-brother Santa Claus 25 years ago.

In Krampus’ current state of mind, no one ever learns their lesson and as Hans Trapp continues to cast him under his spell — Krampus is Han’s greatest weapon against Queen Chamberlain.

The Bakers and La Befana learn more about Hans Trapp and explore options to banish him like Perishment 3 21, while Melody and Sebastian reluctantly take the bus home with Mr. Rogers who has been warned to stay away from The Pine.

Principal Carter and Coach Bear run into some trouble while driving down Pardee Road and they find another kid who desperately needs a ride along the way. It’s Katy Barrymore who has been searching for “The Legend of Krampus” book.

Gracie and Amanda are riding with Sophia Sinclair to Winterfest as Marky tries to find a way there. Krampus and Hans Trapp visit the Devil‘s Den to learn more about Krampus’ past.

Stacie Blair and Darlene Parker try to get ahold of Veronica with no avail, so they head to Stacie’s house to go to check on her. What they encounter next, is so frightening that they’ll have to call 911!

Back at Gnomes Village, Jason Anderson devises a devious plan and tells Wesley and Courtney as Hunter, Betty, and Jon talk to Prince Able about Krampus.

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Written by Marc Shawn Serrano, Marie Harris Katz and The Vocalizers.

Directed, Produced and Edited by Marc Shawn Serrano and Marie Harris Katz.

Listen and read with the script here: God Have Mercy On Me.

The Cast

Krampus - Marcus Wright

Hans Trapp - Christopher Teegardin

Gracie Swan - Kathryn Foxx

Marky Serrano - Christopher Pannowitz

Henry Baker - Marc Shawn Serrano

Emily Baker - Marie Harris Katz

Justin Baker - Aidan Katz

La Befana - Ann Craft

Principal Carter - Lucia Ramos

Mr Rogers - Brandon Timbuktu Williams

Amanda Sinclair - Lilly Ann Rose

Sophia Sinclair - Nadia’s Paradigm

Melody Baker - Danielle Graham

Sebastian Baker - Isaiah Katz

Betty Longoria - Rebecca Meares

Coach Bear - Ian Katz

Stacie Blair - Courtney Daisey

Darlene Parker - Emylee Katz

Katy Barrymore - Chels Waddell

Benjamin Sutton - Ronit Roy

Mary Sutton - Jane Tanya

Jason Anderson - Kevin Hapless Dedicatoria

Jonathan Serrano - Tyler Johnson

Courney Buvia - Nesrine Zouari

Wesley Bronson - Jimmy Jimmy Chen

Hunter Malone - Darren Ahia

Title Music - Only God Can Save the Sinner by ALIBI Music.

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This is a fictional story, inspired by the legend of Krampus and Hans Trapp.



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