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Episode 13 Leveling Up Connection to God
Episode 1321st June 2023 • GOD CENTERED CONCEPT • TS Wright
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Episode 13 Leveling Up Connection to God

We are simply adding on to the previous episode.

Those same questions still need to be answered that are in the notes.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes so God can use you?

Are you willing to be coachable/teachable?

Will you surrender and be a willing participant?

Are we willing to take the time and spend it with God?

What is our go to? What has our hearts? Is it God or is it something else? Be willing to let God test you in this.


Deuteronomy 9

Matthew 12 (Jesus and the Pharisees are squaring off)

2 Samuel 11 & 12:1-22

Also read Matthew 4 for the next episode