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11 | Gaining Trust
1st September 2021 • Unlocking Your People • Jessica Chapman
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What’s the single most important element in building a high-performing team? Trust.

In any organization, trust is a precious commodity, one that must be nurtured and protected. It’s the glue that allows people to work effectively with one another. It dispels fear, spurs innovation and acts as a catalyst for growth in your organization.

In today’s show, Jess shares some expert tips for creating and cultivating trust within your team.

You’ll learn the power of vulnerability-based trust, and how a willingness to acknowledge and address your own weaknesses can build stronger connections with your team members and help them do the same.

You’ll learn about the concept of “similarity bias” - how to identify it and prevent it from clouding your judgment.

Jess also stresses the importance of integrity and reveals why it is the foundation of trust within organizations.


What You Will Learn In This Show:

  • How trust can spur innovation and become a catalyst for growth.
  • The power of vulnerability-based trust, and how it can empower your team to be better versions of themselves.
  • How to identify and address similarity bias before it has the chance to affect your decisions.
  • And so much more…


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