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Everyday Disciple Podcast - Caesar Kalinowski EPISODE 333, 21st June 2021
Hearing God With a Head Full of Voices
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Hearing God With a Head Full of Voices

Are we hearing impaired when it comes to the voice of God? Could it be that what we believe and have labeled as relational, emotional, and spiritual problems are actually 'hearing' problems?  In this episode, Caesar shows us how to turn down the negative voices in our heads, dial in the authentic divine Voice, and listen intently. The voices you believe will determine the life you experience! In This Episode You’ll Learn:
  • Ways to sort out all of the chatter coming your way each day.
  • Why the voices you listen to shape your own voice in the world.
  • How to apply the "Jesus filter" to everything you're hearing.
  • Why listening prayer is so different from the ways we usually pray.
Get started here… hearing god From this episode: “If you are listening to the Voice of love, hospitality, generosity, justice, and compassion, and hope – NOTHING in this whole world will be able to snatch you away – nothing will be able to knock you down, tear you up, turn you around – it simply can’t be done – because nothing can separate you from the grace and love of God through Jesus Christ who is Lord.”
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