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Transcending Trauma through Alternative Medicine | Niki Cozmo
Episode 15226th January 2022 • The Sovereign Society • Sabrina Riccio
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Navigating through the human experience, the journey of life will have its highs and lows. And through it all, it's up to you to decide how you choose to accept, navigate, and make the most of the journey from surviving to thriving. Best believe golden nuggets of wisdom, curated strength, and the opportunity of embracing self-compassion along the way are inevitable when you devote yourself to the deep inner work. To experience it though, you've gotta be willing to shift your perspective and overcome the victim mentality.

While one of the most powerful hypnotherapists out there, Niki Cozmo, has had her fair share of trauma throughout her lifetime, it hasn't stopped her from answering the call to be of service. If anything, it's fueled her to lead with compassion and to share alternative medicines that have not only helped her on her healing journey but have helped thousands out there who are choosing to reclaim their power back from the traumas of their past. And with the rise of alternative medicines, we are discovering more holistic approaches to do the deeper work of embodying our sovereign Truth.

In this episode, we talked about...

◆ How subconscious healing work + devotion of the work is rooted in healing the lineage

◆ Breaking the taboos around Mental Health

◆ Transcending victim mentality by choosing alternative medicine

◆ Dismantling the popularity contest within the coaching industry

◆ Embarking on the journey from Surviving to Thriving

◆ How death, hardship, and trauma supports you in becoming the person you are today so much more

Discover Niki Cozmo

An esteemed Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Therapist, Los Angeles native Niki Cozmo finds her greatest happiness through giving back to her community. A dedicated healer, Niki’s honest approach allows her clients to explore the innate tranquility and confidence that lie at the subconscious level, ultimately inviting greater freedom into their lives. Marrying her colorful life experiences with her formal training, Niki opened Cosmic Relations University, a distance learning school specializing in spiritual traditions and practices for the modern-day human. With a love for all things taboo, Niki offers realistic yet encouraging support to all who encounter her. You will undoubtedly feel the unraveling of any and all imbalances in your life after having conversed with the cosmic queen herself.