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Business School - Sharran Srivatsaa EPISODE 23, 3rd November 2020
10 Steps To Becoming An Amazon Bestseller with Marni Hale
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10 Steps To Becoming An Amazon Bestseller with Marni Hale

Becoming a bestselling author seems so far-fetched for the average person, but understanding a few tricks can make it easy. In today’s episode, Sharran is joined by Marni Hale as they discuss how the smallest details matter the most when publishing a book. Tune in now to learn all the secrets to becoming an Amazon bestselling author. 

“All of the work leads up to one day.”

- Marni Hale

In This Episode:

- Why you should know how strategies work and how to execute them

- Tips and tricks for becoming an Amazon bestselling author

- The secret sauce that can make or break your career as an author

- How to prepare your audience for launch day

- Some things Marni learned from this process

- Why you need to build relationships with your audience

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- Text "BOOK" to 949-570-6490 to immediately get a PDF of the 10 Steps To Becoming An Amazon Best Selling Author

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