Episode 65 – Reparations for Conflict-Related Environmental Harm
29th September 2020 • LawPod • Queen's University - School of Law
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Transitional Justice Series 1 - In this episode Dr Rachel Killean tells us about her recent article, ‘From ecocide to eco-sensitivity: ‘greening’ reparations at the International Criminal Court,’ published in The International Journal of Human Rights in 2020. Rachel examines the challenges of responding to conflict-related environment harm, explores the concept of ‘eco-sensitivity,’ and discusses what it might look like to see reparations through an ‘eco-sensitive’ lens. You can read Rachel’s full article here: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/13642987.2020.1783531?casa_token=HbRIJGMMjhYAAAAA%3AQ1f5Mg9tez88Yy-xzKKjqbN605ZCs7rhPFN6j0vViAl0f5kFaH3mHkk88EoshCy5XEouBhCunnDoCA Download the Episode Transcript



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