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Email Marketing Success: How Isabelle Lesschaeve Made $10,000
Episode 23422nd May 2024 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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Want to hear a story about fantastic email marketing success? Isabelle Lesschaeve holds a full-time job as a scientist but also runs a side hustle passion business as a wine-tasting coach. By leveraging email marketing and implementing our Paparazzi flash sale campaign, Isabelle made an extra $10,000.

We're Kennedy and Carrie, and you're about to meet Isabelle (with her beautiful French accent) and find out all the good stuff!


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(2:08) Who is our client Isabelle Lesschaeve? 

(4:28) How does Isabelle work with her clients? 

(6:33) When did Isabelle first get started with email marketing? 

(7:55) What was Isabelle's biggest barrier to using email marketing? 

(10:06) What was the first change Isabelle made when she joined our programme? 

(15:55) What results did Isabelle get from her email marketing? 

(19:23) What's changed for Isabelle since joining our programme? 

(23:20) What ONE action does Isabelle recommend people take?

(24:42) Subject lines of the week.

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Unknown 0:28

Hey friends today i am so excited. We are talking to Isabel Lee Chava and we're talking about how she manages a full time job, but leverages email marketing for her side hustle and her passion. And you might be surprised when you find out what it is she's actually selling. So that's what we're chatting about today. Tune in

Unknown 0:52

to the real heroes. This is the new email marketing shows with Kennedy and Terry, tune in each week and learn the email campaign strategy and what's working right now to make more sales from that email list of yours.

Unknown 1:07

Oh, hello, welcome to this week's show. With everything we're about to talk about today on the show, you probably gonna have lots of ideas you'll have lots of questions, you're gonna have lots of thoughts if you've got a side hustle or whether you want to apply the same things that Isabel was able to do to give her more time freedom to your business. If you want to do that and you want to talk about it and have a discussion on how you apply it. Come and join those discussions inside of our free Facebook group. Just go to Facebook and search for the Email Marketing Show community and join us it's totally free. It's called the Email Marketing Show community. There

Unknown 1:34

we go. Couldn't be more simpler than that more simpler. There we go already out of the gate with very professional. Very nice. Actually, that's one of my degrees English grammar. And although those things don't tell my professors Hey, I'm Carrie from Carrie Stephen King and I spell it the same way as that prom queen. I've been an online marketing since Kennedy was still learning to walk true story and I specialise in speaking at high energy mega events. I'm based in Texas right outside of Dallas Fort Worth.

Unknown 1:57

Hello, I'm coming from your marketing heroes. I actually really don't like cold sandwiches. It's true. If it's cold, it's in the sandwich. I'm not interested if it's hot as I wish they are interested in it. Here I am based just outside of New Castle here in the Northeast of England. Carrie I'm really excited that we're joined by Isabella Isabella, welcome to the human Marketing Show.

Unknown 2:12

Hi guys. Glad to be here.

Unknown 2:14

So good to see you. So good to see you.

Unknown 2:15

We may have to just point out so people don't don't bang their heads about wondering. Isabelle has the most beautiful French accent Kennedy has a really distinct English accent and I'm the only one on today's show without an accent. So this is all very exciting

Unknown 2:29

for you to hop on.

Unknown 2:33

Is about just in case somebody doesn't know already. Tell us a little bit about what this business of yours is and what you do.

Unknown 2:38

Yes, with pleasure. So I'm Isabel Lucia and I define myself as a wine tasting coach. So I love wine. And I love teaching people how to enjoy the food and beverages that they consume every day through their sense of smell and taste. So I work with Wine Enthusiast, and I help them develop their sense of smell and taste or monitor moneyed wine. And I've made my mission to demystify wine tasting rituals. So that's why I have this passion and vices side business. So

Unknown 3:02

good because I think a lot of me in particular, like I'm from the north of England, I always think of people who like doing that whole swirly whirly thing with the wine and stuff has like you said to me before we start recording like, people find it a bit snobbish, but you don't find somebody you want people to like you're paying good money or you're enjoying this wine with something you weren't really able to taste it and really enjoy it.

Unknown 3:19

Yes, indeed. And I think on the downside of the wine industry is that they want to educate the consumers and they and people feel that they have to become experts in wine to really enjoy wine and I want to break that paradigm and that myth and people who work with me, you'll start to noticing smells outside you know, even if it's not wine or no if they drink tea, they will start distinguishing the different smells and it helped them eventually to be able to describe what the experience you know in the wine and the story of the one would calm and the more enjoyment and knowledge about the winery. So it's not

Unknown 3:49

just about sitting around talking about how wonderful wonderful beautiful wine is. I used to drink wine like I only gave up alcohol two years ago now, but I used to enjoy it but I love the fact that it's not just about okay, it's really about refining your sense of taste and smell, not to just wine but but for everything else. And when you're doing this for people when you educate people, what format do you deliver this in like, is this a course or a membership or a course? How do you deliver this?

Unknown 4:11

Yeah, I tried different formatting or I did live coaching. But what I found that is more efficient for the client to students and an AI is to have one on one coaching. So yes, it's easier to you know, have to work with people in different parts of the world. But you know, they bring their wine they start to talk I guide them and we I basically give them tips on how to find the right words to describe what they what they perceive. And it's basically a training, you train your sense of smell to notice more the world around you. And like any training, whether it's sports or playing the piano, you need to be consistent in that training. So I built those training programmes for them so that they can keep up with a sense of smell and become more and more sensitive and basically discerning taste or to enjoy the wine that you know they want to enjoy.

Unknown 4:54

So what I'm hearing you say is that you're teaching people to stop and smell the roses. Exactly.

Unknown 5:04

Indeed, stop and smell the roses and stop and smell you know your coffee in the morning, pay attention. It's really about paying attention to what you smell and taste and build this connection between the sensation in the brain. And I think

Unknown 5:16

I think a lot of people have this disconnect with email marketing. They really feel like they need to be selling something tangible, touchable, findable, you know, and the fact is you couldn't be any more intangible or untouchable than this. You're not even in the same room with them. You're not even smelling the same wine that they're smelling. And yet in addition to your full time job, you're helping them I love your words demystify the experience and I reckon, I reckon bet if you can sell this using email marketing, it blows the rest of our excuses out of the water.

Unknown 5:42

Yeah, well, human marketing has been a big proponent of my business. I mean, you know, with the limited time I have, I was connected with my customers, you know, through email, I tried on different social media platform and I'm not the type to dance on, you know, on this platform. And it's not really you know, beneficial for the for my audience either that has helped them that sense of smell. But I discovered you know, I was a good writer, although no English is not my first language and I was connecting with people through my blogs and through my weekly emails. However, my weekly emails were very educative, you know, nurturing my audience, but I was not making any sales and it was very frustrating because I didn't know what to do. And I learned a lot recently.

Unknown 6:22

Yeah, yeah. I love that. And so how long have you been attempting email marketing in your business? How long is the email marketing part of what you've been doing? Well, I

Unknown 6:29

mean, since I started the US like five years ago, people would join my list through a freebie or they would purchase you know, my wine aroma ware. And then they will enter like natural sequence and I would send them a weekly newsletter to talk about wine. It was very educational. Yes. And from time to time I was offering a sale.

Unknown 6:47

Right, right. So what do you do in that? What did you think was your biggest sort of barrier to sending more sort of sales based emails like what was the thing that was stopping you from going from sort of email newsletter content to what you now know, was email marketing,

Unknown 7:00

I didn't know how to, to not sound sassy, and I'm a scientist. I'm not a marketer. So I, I was, you know, trying to show the positive impact of what I was offering, but yeah, I was on breaking the, you know, the barrier that I didn't know what to buy or was, and I think joining the blueprint, you know, really helped me understand, you know, this aspect of not talking about the future and I was very, you know, five days because I'm a scientist, you know, these other facts, but I was not talking about benefits or, you know, what would be the advantage or what transformation I was talking about. So that's really, you know, what now I put into my email marketing. I

Unknown 7:33

love that you said I didn't I just didn't know it. You know, it's so many times where I didn't know what I didn't know type of situation. What made you want to make a change that what was the moment or the thing that happened that made you say, okay, something has to shift here. Let's look for a different way. Yeah,

Unknown 7:47

so it was a summer and I was getting very frustrated. I was sending this newsletter and not getting any response. I mean, I didn't I didn't have any reply, you know, when I was asking people to reply to me and there was no engagement at all. So you know, I discovered the programme through through navigator actually and and I was curious, but that's, that was frustration. You know? It doesn't work and how can I I knew there was some money into my subscribers list. No, I don't want to be a millionaire. But I want to help them and you know, just having the one product they had for me was not enough to transform their life. So I really wanted to have more impact in their lives and communicate that in a better way. So yeah, that was my big struggle.

Unknown 8:24

I love her. I love her sincerity. So I knew you have this list, which had potential because you've heard from other people, your email list has got potential. You're like, while I'm sick of potential I'd like to see something from it. Even just a damn reply will be good. So what you're saying Right, exactly what was the very first change you made in Isabel?

Unknown 8:42

The very first change were shorter email.

Unknown 8:46

Interesting. So how long have you emails beforehand?

Unknown 8:49

Wow, I'm trying to get into to those those 500 words.

Unknown 8:55

What do you say you went shorter you went from 500 words to about 200. Wow. So you chopped off a whole bunch of email. And did you see or an immediate response or change and things when he did that?

Unknown 9:07

Yeah. So it was the number of words and also in your only one call to action? Because before I was talking about different topics and had like different links to click you know, like a newsletter, and then shorter email, one click one call to action, and I started to see some changes. And also, I was reluctant to go to daily emails, but I made that switch and Oh, my God, I mean, people were responding. I mean, honestly, I got unsubscribes a lot at the beginning. And you know, people were so engaged and responding to me, it was just my when

Unknown 9:43

you were doing a full time job as a scientist, and you were able to send a daily email.

Unknown 9:50

I mean, the first time it took me like 90 minutes, but now I'm getting better.

Unknown 9:55

How long does it take you now?

Unknown 9:59

Half an hour. You're


so most of us, like anybody who has got a full time job often say, I have a lot of time as on a daily email. And here's Isabel who is a scientist do an important sciency things and you're able to find time to send a daily email that's taking you currently 30 minutes right now, and you're doing it you're Are you writing it in English? You're doing it in your second language? Yeah.


French accent. Of course. We have to read it with a French accent. Okay, there's a couple of things I wanted to point out. So I want to tie this to the wine industry. Now I am not I don't drink alcohol and I've not had wine. But here's, here's what I know is there are things called wine flights, right? Multiple glasses of wine in one experience. I think having lots of different calls to action in one email is a bit like you saying, Okay, try that first one. Okay. But before you say anything, try the second one. Oh, wait, that last one is really good. Don't forget to do that until people don't know what to do. They don't know what to drink. They don't know what they're tasting. And they walk away a little bit overwhelmed with the experience. So what I hear you saying is taste and savour one at a time. In your call to action. The other thing I think is important, I was sorry,


I love that nine, tasting and savouring each one at a time like


we're a little bit and really enjoy it but also full disclosure. I think you should write at the top of your emails that your primary language is French and so if they would read it in a French accent, they would enjoy it so much more. And the reason I say that is because I know the power of voice and getting inside of somebody's head. And I know that when people read Kennedy's emails, and when they read my emails, they read it they cannot help it. They read it in our voice. In this case with Kennedy's accent and my non accent is all just part of the experience. And so what I would say is I would love that fun little bit of humour there but I think also for them to read it in French makes it so much more expensive as well to


do things like I mean, I should have looked at your emails before now do you like say since you're French do you open with Bonjour or are you like hi because I want like little hints. I don't want coaching sessions. I really want to learn about what you've been doing but like free coaching, I mean thrills you can't get on a call with Carrie Wilkerson not get coach just so you know. It's gonna happen if


you put in some French do you do both? No,


I say hi. And I said cheers. You know, as my as my good night


today, until today, here's what we're doing now. So I live in Texas, which borders Mexico and there's a whole other language called Black Spanglish like Texican. And what that means is if I'm bilingual, then I can't help it but also throw in some Amiga or some you know, something else along with my English enough to give the flavour so most Sherry You know, I speak enough French to be dangerous. I love


about this as well. And this is maybe coincidental, accidental I don't know maybe it was part of the journey. And then I have to drag this kicking or screaming back to what you actually did and there are some results and stuff but the fact that I delivered an English thing, but I always think people who are French know more about wine than anybody else.


Yeah, that's my point.


We absolutely have to give credibility. I'm like, I want to know because the thing is, if someone reads your emails, and they think you like cheers, and they're like, oh, where's the press run? And then they hear your French like, suddenly your credibility just went up but you hit you hit that from it. So it's French


wine, so this is amazing. Okay, and then when we're when we're coaching note I wanted to add is, and I'm going to quote the great philosopher, and Pratik Richard Simmons, grew from the 70s and 80s. And I'm gonna say people used to ask him, Richard, how often do I have to exercise per week? And he would say, you only have to move your body on days that you also eat. And so I would say one of your taglines or one of your inner dialogues might be I'm only going to email on days that people drink wine. Here in the United States, it's wine o'clock every freaking day, like wine consumption is like right next to water consumption. So I think that somehow you could work that in not the Richard Simmons part. Don't do that. But


oh, no, but


the you know, I'm only going to email you on the days that people are drinking wine or the day you should be tasting wine, those kind of things. But so you made these changes. What was the impact on your bottom line? What was the impact? What measurable changes? Did you see you have a full time job you have a steady salary, you're not relying on this to pay your bills, but you want people to experience it more and also you want it to pay you so what what did you see when you made things shorter? And you started emailing every day? What happened next?


Well, I tried the paparazzi flash sale campaign. And and I did that a few times at the end of last year, beginning of this year, and basically it helped me prod back, you know, more than $10,000 You know, home that I wouldn't have had if I didn't dare to send emails daily and ask for you know, an offer, you know, my products to my email list.


That was a 10,000 for those of you that are trying to listen to this on advanced speed or listening with a different accent $10,000 Because of the paparazzi sale campaign, when she previously had not even been emailing every day, I wanted to slow that down a minute. Wow.


And that's bear in mind that the paparazzi involves like this is a campaign that's really simple. It's a flash sale campaign. It's four days, but you went from email in once a week and then some of the paparazzi on some days has more than one email in a day. You have some you had some bravery there.


Well, I was desperate to try and you know, I tried slow first, you know, with a small group of people who had joined my list and it worked and then I did something I've never done before was to send this flash sale campaign to my wholesale subscribers, so I sell a product to wineries and wine educators. So they would come to me and you know, I would make the transaction but I would never contact them again and then I did the paparazzi self with them. And you know brought back $5,000 by selling the Wiener on my way and you know, I didn't I could see


it up here. Because people often say to me, I can't possibly do this really direct sales campaign which what the paparazzi is it's very much like there's a sale happening. There's a discount like, like a black friday kind of thing, but anytime of the year. It's a very intensive four day sales. campaign. And people say I can't possibly because I'm selling to other corporations I'm selling. You're selling to wineries who are like, aloof, they're very short sharps. They're very much like they're quite, you know, business and you're like, Yeah, I'm gonna send them a paparazzi and it brought in five grand $5,000 When you've you know, again, previously not be able to make those offers to them. I flippin love it. So as a result, you've made a nice pile of sales. Yeah, I mean, that's incredible. So well done for you for taking the action. I love that. For everybody listening. What I want you to think here is you know, if you're a member of email hero blueprint, great, you might go and dig out the paparazzi flash sale campaign great. If you're not and you're not planning on becoming a customer, that's fine, too. What I want this the inspiration here to be is that if you just do the thing if you just it doesn't matter if you're selling to other customers b2c or b2b, other businesses, email marketing is email marketing is email marketing, right? Because what we're actually doing is sending emails to other human beings and we all get oh, I can't possibly do that because I'm sending it to that corporate office or to that individual or to mums or to to parents or to this or to that. All of that stuff is your self limiting beliefs that's inside of our heads, given us a reason to not actually bother doing it. So now that you've done this is about Yes. How do you feel about email marketing differently now that you've had some success with doing something more directly? What's changed for you? Well,


for me, it demonstrated that you know, eventually I could make a living out of this business and what I you know, what I change as well is, you know, my nurturing sequence you know, when people join my world is not just nurturing it's also you know, telling them who I am and yes, I speak about my French background. Tell them a lot of stories and and basically, I build a score engine, as you call it, you know, where I start to present my one on one coaching offer. And so I have a small list and I don't have time to interview leads, you know, every day so I started to build that engine through your other programmes the accelerator and have already had like two nice clients with whom I worked and you know, Shimon is in the pipeline. And I'm just thinking, well, that's that's an engine. It's automatic. I don't have to put ads on, you know, those platforms and, and I'm hopeful. I was frustrated. I'm hopeful I can do I can do more. I love


it. And I love the fact that you've now so you've not only run a paparazzi flash sale campaign to your customer types, also to your b2b type people, so you're wholesalers and director customer DTC? That's great. But you've now gone through our email engine accelerator programme to build what we call that score engine, as you just mentioned, which is that bunch of automations that gives him he doesn't know that's a bunch of automations that every single new lead every new subscriber goes through, which isn't the best chance of of selling and that seems like it's for you being a person who's in full time employment you've got a you know, a lot of pressure on as a scientist you've got to be very precise got to be in the guinea brain is going to be in the game at all times with that job. But also, you're not you don't need to be distracted by oh my gosh, what am I going to send to my email list because you've got a process you know that every new lead that comes in wherever they come from, ads, things you've done, people hear from you referrals, you've got a great thing, you know, they're being taken care of, and they are turning into leads, they're turning into coaching that you've delivered. And I think that's just amazing. And on top of that, you're doing your daily emails. And that's all because you've created this really simple system, which serves you and I think that's just one of the most inspiring things that can I've ever heard. That's amazing.


Yeah, isn't let me add something to that. As if you could stop me. Let me add let me jump in. I want to say that you said she built the engine and now it's serving her this is true, but her motive in the beginning her motive. If we go back to the beginning of this episode, she said I was frustrated because I knew that I wasn't impacting them the way they could be impacted by what they already had. For me. I knew that wasn't enough. I wanted them to have the better experience. I think that's ultimately the scientist and knew I wanted them to have all the information and all the data and all the experiential things so she really came at this at a place of service not from greed or anything else not that winning more is great. Um, that's not what I mean. I think sometimes we get hung up on our own beliefs about why should I want more I should be okay I should be bla bla bla. That's a whole mindset issue. But she said, Ah, so frustrated because there's so much more I could do for them. She did not say there is so much more my list could do for me. I think that matters. And that's that's radical hospitality right there. So I think that matters, but also she created this engine as kind of a first hire in her business as kind of a staff member. She's got this staff member in the background and those are her automated sequences that are working, even if she's working overtime that are working, even if she's tired, that are working even if she's just not feeling it today. She's got this engine in the background as kind of a staff member or somebody on her team working for her. Even when she's not showing up herself. It's allowing her


to ever make right. Cheap hire.


So good.


I love it. I love it. Let me ask you one final question. And that is, if you were to give someone who's listening right now piece of advice or something they should do, they should go and do with their email marketing to do something. What's something you would say go do this, what should they do? Well, first,


right, and be yourself because I think I was also trying to be a marketer and not myself but frequency and shorter email one call to action. That's really what you know, the first change I would I would recommend to make and learn about people know what interests them, but I think simple being strategic in the email campaigns. That's also what I've learned and I'm trying to apply right now. But yeah, that's that's the one thing.


I love it. I love it. Absolutely amazing. Congratulations. I've loved hearing all these different pieces of this. Thank you so much for joining us on the show Isabelle. Everybody, thank you so much. Absolutely. What a great story. And if you're listening to this right now and you're thinking I would also like to hear more about and have access to the same material, the same training and the same exact campaigns that paparazzi flush they'll campaign for example, not saying that you're gonna get the same results as Isabel. Truth is, you'll get different results to Isabel wildly different results. But if you want to go and find out about that that's all inside of our email hero blueprint, which you can find that email hero email hero And with that, it's time for that we can't miss out this week's subject line of the week. I'm really pleased with this one Carrie. I've got I've got a I've got to say Carrie is a moment. I'm pretty pleased this one. It's an email at sound the other day it just says the emails that make sales twice. ALAN


I did. It worked out Why do you think it works so well? Because we all want to be more efficient. We all want to double our sales. And we're super curious. We can't stand not knowing what we don't know. It's like, uh, you know, Rich Schefren used to say if you want to pique people's curiosity, give them an empty worksheet that can't stand that to fill in the blanks. And so that's kind of what this does.


Yeah, it does. It does really well. The open rate was absolutely great. So that's this week's of the week is the emails that make sales twice yet.


Thanks so much, you guys. I hope you enjoyed this as much as we did. I'm glad you listened to the whole show. Listen, something you may not know is I'm not just a co host of this show. I am also a paying customer of email marketing heroes. And I try not to grieve the millions and millions of dollars I've left on the table since the late 1900s. That's another sob story for another day. But be sure to hit subscribe on your podcast player and we'll speak to you next week. Make sure you hit subscribe on your podcast player



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