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It Takes An Army -- w/ Alabama's Montana Fouts
Episode 1293rd September 2021 • Coaching the Mental Game of Softball • Mental Sweet Spot
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Have you ever watched the World Series (college softball of course) and thought, “That player is super-human” Like there’s no way the rest of us or my girls could ever do that.

We put players like today’s guest on a pedestal for good reason, because they are amazing competitors!

But really? They got there with a specific skill set. Certain tools in their toolbox that allowed them to bounce back faster, stay confident and perform consistently even against the toughest opponents.

That skill set is the mental game.

I know you know that since you’re listening to this podcast!

But do you know what it actually looks like? When you pull back the curtain and see the day to day commitment… the tough times pushing through adversity and that voice in your head telling you you can’t?

Today’s guest is going to tell you how she has overcome adversity and worked her mental game to help her become one of the elite pitchers of our time

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Now, let’s get to the show!



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