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Letters to a Hero
Episode 831st May 2023 • Undiscarded: Stories of New York • CitizenRacecar & The City Reliquary
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This week on Undiscarded, meet the unsuspecting family with an uncanny name who found themselves in a web of confusion. Fan mail, requests, and even some generous checks kept turning up to the Parker family’s home in Forest Hills, Queens… all addressed to Spider-Man. What was initially dismissed as a prank turned out to be comic book canon. Tune in as Tania and guest Pamela Parker unveil the lore within these letters, which are now on display at The City Reliquary, and the love they show for New York’s friendly neighborhood hero.  

Look at photos of this object and more at at:

Learn more about the City Reliquary, its mission, and its collections at:

In the city or just visiting? Stop by the Reliquary any Saturday or Sunday, noon to 6pm, 370 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn 11211

If you like Undiscarded, tune into The Brooklyn Public Library’s flagship podcast called Borrowed. Brooklyn  has so many stories to tell, and a lot of them start at the library.





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