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The History of Folk Horror Part 2
Episode 5023rd October 2023 • Screaming Through the Ages Horror Podcast • Trey Whetstone
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Welcome to Screaming Through the Ages where you can get your bi-weekly fix of a topic relating to the history and legacy of horror movies. In this episode I finish a two part look into the history of Folk Horror with segments covering UK, European and Asian Folk Horror and review the Severin All the Haunts Be Ours box set. I also have a Werewolf rankings segment on the Japanese film Kibakichi.

00:00:39 UK Folk Horror 

00:53:37 Werewolf Rankings: Kibakichi

01:03:30 Ad Break: Zencastr

01:05:00 European Folk Horror 

01:43:31 Brazilian and Australian Folk Horror 

01:55:55 Screaming Off the Shelves: All the Haunts Be Ours

02:12:37 Asian Folk Horror 

02:40:56 Closing

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