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33. Calming your Coronavirus Fears & Anxieties + Staying Sane in Quarantine with Dr. Paige Bourassa
Episode 3320th March 2020 • Big Kid Problems • NOVA Media
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The world feels like it's been flipped upside down the last few weeks. We all feel it.

Friend of the show Dr. Paige Bourassa joins us this week and we’ll talk about Coronavirus and more specifically, how to deal with the stress, anxiety and all the uncertainty around this difficult time. We’ll also talk immunity support, physical and mental health AND about how to stay sane while we’re all in quarantine. Whether you’re alone and battling isolation OR if you're stuck in quarantine with your family or significant other and slowly losing your mind… we are all going through this and we are all going to get through it together!

There are a TON of resources in this episode, see below to dive deeper!

For Facts and up to date information: The CDC Website

Why you should practice Social Distancing: NY Times

Breathing Techniques: 

The Calm App

Wim Hof Breathing

4-7-8 Breathing

For Online Therapy: 


Headspace (Download the App)

Ziva Meditation *My Personal Recommendation!* First 3 days are free here

At Home Exercise Videos:

Youtube: Boho Beautiful, Tracy Anderson, Melissa Wood Health

Classpass Free Online classes


Paige’s Mind Body Green Article featuring at home Pressure Points to Calm Anxiety:

Sarah’s personal Netflix Recommendations:


Love is Blind 


Ali Wong: Baby Cobra

The Crown

The Good Place

Stranger Things


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