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Episode 387th February 2020 • Pod Buffet • Pod Buffet Podcasters
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It began with a workshop and a daily discipline of recording 60sec a day to develop and improve communiation and podcasting skills.

It was Catherine Lynch's idea to make these 60sec clips available to a wider audience.

As the practicalities of doing so were developed it grew into something slightly different but better. 5 minute tasters of podcasts by alumni from The Podcasting Fellowship Workshop and then alumni from any of the Seth Godin Akimbo workshops.

A taster to invite you to pursue more from the ones you enjoy.

A random selection of new podcasts.

We hope you enjoy and if you do, we invite you to subscribe, rate and review.

PS The next round of The Podcasting Fellowship workshop is about to open:

You can sign up February 19th. The first lesson goes live on February 24th. The last day to join the workshop is March 4th. The discussion board will be open until May 19th.

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