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INVESTTHIS - Scott Bower EPISODE 95, 13th February 2020
The Billion Dollar Man: Joe Fairless
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The Billion Dollar Man: Joe Fairless

Joe Fairless is a force in the real estate investment business. This year Joe and his company will control a billion dollars worth of real estate. But how did he get there? How did he build his business, write a best selling book, develop the longest-running daily podcast, and start the Best Ever Conference? During part two of the Joe Fairless interview, you will learn the secrets to his success.

One of the main points that Joe reverts to time and again is integrity. Joe conducts his business with one thing in mind: Think of all the people involved in a deal or situation, not just yourself, for the best results.

Key Takeaways:

  • How Joe became a better public speaker
  • How to play the long game
  • Personal story of integrity
  • Strategies to help you think bigger
  • Creating a vision of your future
  • Goal setting strategies
  • Creating and using a Vision Board (he has one EVERYWHERE!)
  • How to develop attainable goals
  • Categories of Improvement: The document you need to start today!
  • Staying inspired
  • Joe talks about how he built The Best Ever Conference
  • How Joe's podcast has helped him build his business
  • The benefits of hosting a meet-up
  • Lessons learned in the last 5 years
  • The most significant strategy question you need to ask yourself continuously
  • What Joe is reading right now that is impacting his life
  • A good way to assess your team members

Book Recommendations

The Infinite Game

Scaling Up

The 48 Laws of Power


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