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Finding and Embracing Your Ideal Audience with Dave Jackson from School of Podcasting - S4E1
Episode 1322nd September 2022 • Crash Course in Podcasting • Deadset Podcasting | @deadsetpod
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In Today's episode Josh is joined by Author, Veteran Podcaster, and Founder of The School of Podcasting, Dave Jackson. The guys dig into Dave's "How to Find and Embrace Your Ideal Audience Checklist" and also his masterful show, History of the Six Shooter Band

How to Find & Embrace Your Ideal Audience (The Checklist).

  1. Identify Your Ideal Audience.
  2. Determine what content they want to hear most.
  3. Create content they might love, and will hopefully feel inspired to share.
  4. Go to where your audience hangs out and truly embrace those people. Be helpful, friendly, and supportive.
  5. Keep telling people about your show, but don’t be annoying.

Dave Rockin' the Guitar.

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