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Burning Man 2022: Waking Dreams
Episode 18920th September 2022 • Not Real Art • Crewest Studio
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Today, after a week’s hiatus, our founder and podcast host Scott “Sourdough” Power is back from Black Rock with a special treat. 

That’s right, today’s episode is all about Burning Man: the landscape, the people, the stories, and of course, the art. Scott hops on the mic to talk about his annual trek into the desert and this year’s party on the Playa. You’ll hear about the incredible interactive installations that populated the landscape of northwestern Nevada for a week in late summer. 

You’ll also learn more about the artists and musicians who contributed their remarkable creativity and talent to Camp Corny, the unicorn-themed camp that Scott calls his home in Black Rock City. Burning Man, at its core, is a performance art piece on a grand scale, one that Scott believes is a must-see for any creative professional. We hope today’s episode leaves you feeling inspired to use the power of art for escape, fantasy, and imagination.

Join us for this week’s episode as Scott decompresses from the madness and the magic that was Burning Man 2022!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What it was like to be back in Black Rock City after a three-year hiatus.
  • A brief look at the history of Burning Man and its founder, artist Larry Harvey.
  • The awe-inspiring scale of the Burn and its focus on radical self-expression.
  • Using the power of art to escape the insanity that is the ‘default world’.
  • Insight into Sourdough’s experience as part of Camp Corny.
  • The extreme weather and environmental conditions you can expect in Black Rock City.
  • How the Burning Man enterprise has positively impacted local economies.
  • Criticism of Burning Man’s impact on the environment and indigenous communities.
  • More about Camp Corny and their gift to the Playa: a spirit animal adoption center.
  • How Camp Corny prioritizes music and dancing.
  • Some of the musicians, DJs, and artists who share their creativity with Camp Corny.
  • Why Sourdough’s highlights from this year’s Burn include the many kids that attended.
  • How artist attribution could be improved on the Playa.
  • Some of Sourdough’s favorite installations, including Paradisium, BLACK! Asé, and more.
  • An understanding of the interactive nature of the artwork at Burning Man.
  • Some of the incredible art cars, like Robot Heart and Mayan Warrior.
  • A few weird, wonderful, and sometimes shocking stories from Burning Man 2022!
  • Experience burn night from Sourdough’s perspective.
  • The evolution of technology at Burning Man, from LED lighting to drone photography.
  • Recounting the 10-hour drive it took just to get off Gate Road!
  • The process of decompressing from Burning Man.

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