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Are Your Podcasting Processes Killing Your Show?
Episode 3041st February 2022 • The Podcast Accelerator: How to Grow Your Podcast • Mark Asquith
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The panacea for the busy podcaster is a robust set of processes. But are your processes devolving your podcast into a lifeless cookie cutter template? Are your processes undermining your creativity and, if so, how can you achieve the perfect balance?

Welcome to The Podcast Accelerator, the thrice-weekly show that brings you podcast education, industry insights and straight-talking reactions to podcasting news.

I’m your host Mark Asquith, The British Podcast Guy and MD and co-founder of, the world’s only growth-oriented podcast host where you can get your first month of podcast hosting for just one dollar and transfer an existing podcast in, completely free.

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I teach podcasting a lot, and usually for free. So, here's what I'd recommend you do next:

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Descript - edit your audio like a word processor!

Descript! When it comes to your podcasting processes, it’s important to find the “stack” that works for you. Whether that includes a classic digital audio workstation like Audition or Hindenburg or something more specifically tailored to the busy podcaster like my recommendation today, Descript is really down to your own technical preferences and your available budgets. Descript is an audio and video editor that works by transcribing your audio and giving you an editor that works like a word processor - edit your words and the audio will be edited to match. It’s wonderful! But, Descript does so much more than that: build beautiful, on-brand audiograms, one-click publish your episodes and transcriptions to your podcast hosting platform with Captivate’s direct integration and manage multiple podcast speakers all from within Descript’s simple interface. I highly recommend Descript if you’re looking for a quicker way to edit your podcast plus, the Descript team is a team that I’ve come to know and work with more over the years and that I know does business like I do: with the success of you, the busy podcaster, at the heart of their mission.

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