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The #1 Reason Your Wife Doesn’t Trust You
Episode 1074th October 2022 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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Are you SHOWING UP and HONORING your commitments? In your relationship or marriage, there is ONE thing you can do that will make your wife lose trust: you PROMISE to do something, and then you DON’T do it. Then when she turns around and wants a divorce, or you find out she’s cheating, you’re awakened to the REALITY that your life is not how you thought it was. Why? Because you did not HONOR your commitments. You IGNORED what she had to say. You IGNORED your commitments.

You CAN’T expect your wife to come back to you or stop having an affair if you aren’t willing to commit to the process. You have to be a better man for YOU, not for HER. In this episode, Mark shows you why you need to STOP blaming HER for your problems, commit to the PROCESS, and start doing the WORK. Find out what will happen if you keep on failing to do what you said you were going to do, and the one thing you need to do if you want to fix your marriage. It is NOT okay for you to break commitments. It is NOT okay to say you’ll do something, then do something else. When you do this, you WILL push your wife away. Find out exactly why in this episode.

In This Episode:

- THIS is what women crave in a relationship with a man…

- Find out why your wife doesn’t trust you

- THIS is what a man who is willing to commit to the process looks like…

- Mark shares the number one thing a man can do to annoy a woman

- STOP dishonoring your commitments. START doing the work. Here’s why this is so important…

- Discover why YOU might be pushing your wife away without even realizing it

And much more…