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Part 1 - The TODAY Show Lifestyle Contributer, Barbara Majeski Tells All on Get CELEBRITIZED
Episode 2327th January 2023 • Get Celebritized • Aurea McGarry
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Join host, Aurea McGarry and her special guest, Barbara Majeski, with a real insider discussion about The TODAY Show, TV media, and why her Twitter account was banned and the irony of it, plus how chaos can be the stepping stones to YOUR BEST LIFE and greatest opportunities!

Barbara tells all and holds nothing back after the tough times she has come through!!

In 2015 Barbara entered a divorce and was handed a diagnosis with Stage III cancer. While in the midst of treatment, she vowed that if she beat cancer and got another shot at life, she would live bigger, better, and bolder with true purpose, meaning, and intent.

Barbara Majeski is dedicated to living with purpose and approaching all aspects of living with confidence; after recovering from her divorce and Stage III cancer, the “Curator of the Good Life” was born.

She is a TV personality that loves sharing her tips and tricks. She has frequently appeared on The TODAY Show, Good Day NY, New York Live, and the Nick Cannon Show. Barbara is also a mother of three and resides in Princeton, New Jersey.

The three words that best describe Barbara Majeski are Purpose, Style, and Adventure.