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David 'Jacko' Jackson - Brain Injury & Breathing
Episode 1328th March 2023 • Oxygen Advantage • Oxygen Advantage
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“[My] brain has healed itself and I feel… it’s because of the retraining of the breath.”

On the latest episode of the Oxygen Advantage® Podcast, Patrick McKeown is joined by former rugby player, OA Master Instructor and someone with first-hand experience of concussion and brain injury, David ‘Jacko’ Jackson.

David is a former rugby union player who spent his professional career playing for his hometown club of Nottingham RFC. It was the consequences of the injuries he experienced during his career that started David on the path to breathwork.

David’s first significant concussion occurred at the age of 16, playing rugby during an England schoolboys trial. He would be hospitalized from is injury but at the time, was not removed from the pitch.

He would then have what he describes as “a series of head injuries and concussions” throughout the next 15-years of his rugby career. That career ended when one light tackle in training changed his life. The impact, though innocuous when compared to the type of hits rugby players are used to, caused him to go into seizures on the pitch and would lead to a bleed on his brain.

David explains how he discovered Patrick’s work around 2017 while looking into the effects of concussion and learned how breathing can be used to increase blood flow to the brain. He has not looked back since and is now an Oxygen Advantage® Master Instructor who works with former rugby players and other people dealing with traumatic brain injuries.

This is a very interesting and enlightening conversation about concussion and traumatic brain injury. It is well worth a look for anyone interested in seeing how breathing can be used to improve brain health and increase quality of life.

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