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[96] Struggle: The Surprising Truth, Beauty and Opportunity Hidden in Life
Episode 967th November 2021 • TubbTalk - The Podcast for IT Consultants • Richard Tubb
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In this episode, Richard talks to Grace Marshall, Productivity Ninja and award-winning author of four books, including the best-selling "How to be Really Productive”. 

**please note, this interview contains several uses of a mild profanity**

She describes herself as naturally disorganised, but managed to start her business while raising two children. Her clients kept asking how she did it, so she decided to share her advice with them. 

They talk about why people struggle to get things done and how to take a step back when that happens. Grace explains how to spot signs of stress, and the difference between the fast and slow brains. And they discuss the importance of rest, no matter how scary it seems. 

Grace shares her top productivity tips for MSP owners, explains what ‘recharging’ is and why it’s important for high achievers, and she and Richard discuss how to achieve the seemingly impossible goal of inbox zero.

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