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AI Goes to Washington - What You Need to Know About the New Executive Order
4th November 2023 • Pat Miller Show® Podcast • Pat Miller
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Earlier this week, President Biden released an Executive Order all about safety and privacy regarding Artificial Intelligence. This is HUGE!! Privacy is a real concern with AI, but what will the Executive Order mean for small business owners and entrepreneurs?

The Executive Order addresses the use of deep fakes, because we all know AI is creating plenty of content that isn't real. So to counter that, a part of the Executive Order brought up the need for business owners and AI users to disclose or use a watermark when using AI. Is this really needed? And how will our customers react? Will they be annoyed by the fact that we got "help" writing content? The EO is full of good intention but not a lot of clarity yet as to what we have to do. I'm sure there is more to come on this!

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