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30: The Power of Reverse Engineering Your Systems with Brittany Dixon
Episode 305th March 2019 • The Elevate Effect® • Kathryn Binkley
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Episode Summary:

  • Brittany is a twin mama who shares her journey into the online business space. What lights her up in her business is not only watching her children be inspired by her work but also watching her clients thrive with effective systems.
  • Brittany and I talk about how to efficiently bring someone onto your team and delegate by creating systems. She says to start documenting your daily tasks so that when you're ready to bring someone on, you can easily pass on that task list to your team.

"You want your customers to go through the same experience every time and if you have messy systems, it's hard to do that." - Brittany Dixon

  • Do you have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software? Brittany explains what this is and how important it is to have one in your business. This is where you would keep all of your leads, contacts, networking collaborations, and more.

"If you don't have some sort of structured CRM as a way to keep track of your contacts and follow up, you are leaving money on the table." - Brittany Dixon

About The Guest:

Brittany Dixon is a Business Process & Systems Consultant for Creative Entrepreneurs. She specializes in helping her clients create, document and refine structures and systems in their business to save time, create freedom, generate income and make a big impact in their own way.

A mother herself, of Twin girls Kenna and Layla, Brittany started her Entrepreneurial journey in October 2015 when she started her Professional Organizing business Clutter Control. She then ventured into the online coaching world in March 2017. Prior to starting her businesses, Brittany spent 10 years in Customer Service, Event Planning, and Hospitality.

Brittany loves working with her clients to implement systems and processes that work for their lifestyle, as productivity is not a one size fits all approach. She loves showing women entrepreneurs how to get more work done in less time, more efficiently so they can go back to spending time with their kids!

Where to Find Brittany Online:

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