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It’s the end of the year and I’m not ready!
Episode 117th December 2021 • IMPACTability: The Nonprofit Leaders' Podcast • Soukup Strategic Solutions
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Now, before the time comes to start playing your favorite holiday music, what are you doing for year’s end when it comes to fundraising? The end of the year is an incredibly important time for fundraising, as many people prefer to make year-end, tax-deductible gifts. Do you have a plan? Are you executing your plan? When is it too late? In this episode, Dan Rahill will help answer these and other questions. Dan is a Managing Director for Wintrust Wealth Management and an expert on these matters.

In this episode you'll discover:

Is it too late to approach someone for a donation at the end of the year? 01:18

With the countries economic issues , are we in a favorable giving environments? 02:40

With the housing boom, are companies looking to donate and lower their taxes? 04:00

Is there a specific fund that nonprofits should pay closer attention to? 08:00

How does a client consider charitable giving at the end of the year? 13:55

What are the prospects for tax increases for 2022 19:50

Coaches Corner Question - My Board asked me to draft gift acceptance policies and procedures, how do I start? 22:40

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