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Ep #023 – Patricia Riddell. Consultant Neuroscientist
Episode 2314th February 2021 • The Ben Morton Leadership Podcast • Ben Morton
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Today I’m joined by Professor Patricia Riddel, a Consultant Neuroscientist. Patricia specialises in how neuroscience can be applied to the business world, to support and extend our understanding of human behaviour.

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Episode Overview

Patricia provides access to Applied Neuroscience through customised training, consultancy and public programmes. She teaches at several business schools including Henley as well as running training programmes for organisations and businesses.

She is also an author having co-authored a book, written several book chapters and many academic articles in the areas of coaching and leadership. You can see why I’m so excited to have her on the show!

In recent years I’ve started to hear neuroscience findings being used more and more in the business world. I’ve also begun to realise that much of it is miss-quoted, miss-understood or out of date information.

With that in mind I focussed my conversation with Patricia Riddel on debunking a lot of the false information around neuroscience, and the practical ways in which we can use the real findings to improve our own productivity and become even better leaders for those that we serve.

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