Tech's Pre-Seatbelt Phase with Eva PenzeyMoog
Episode 25th August 2021 • Collaborative Craft • 8th Light
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Designing for safety is about designing against interpersonal harm. I use the stories of real life people who have gone through experiences with technology-facilitated violence and abuse. Telling these stories is a really powerful way to get people to understand what's happening.” - Eva PenzeyMoog

When we think of technology breaches, the image that comes to mind is of a nefarious hacker. For people that are the survivors of domestic violence and abuse, more often than not, people in their own lives are the perpetrators of these everyday issues of security.

Eva PenzeyMoog is the founder of The Inclusive Safety Project and the author of Design For Safety. Eva is on a mission to raise awareness about the interpersonal harm that can come from technology products and tell the stories of survivors.

This week on Collaborative Craft, she discusses ways that designers and technologists can better create products with safety in mind. 

  • (00:00) - Content Warning
  • (00:30) - Guest Eva PenzeyMoog 
  • (04:15) - Designing against interpersonal harm
  • (04:52) - Safe design in Tech
  • (06:25) - A threat model ignored
  • (07:34) - More likely someone you know
  • (09:15) - Trailblazing in tech: Dr. Leonie Tanczer  and Molly Dragiewicz
  • (11:29) - Vulnerability and the courage to speak out
  • (15:08) - If you can speak out, then you have to 
  • (17:40) - To communicate powerfully, tell a story
  • (20:16) - An example of the process of inclusive safety
  • (24:58) - Apple AirTags
  • (29:03) - The time it takes to design for safety
  • (32:00) - The History of Seatbelts
  • (34:04) - Ethics: Safety, Inclusion, and Compassion
  • (36:33) - Design for Safety 
  • (39:15) - Final Thoughts with Eva

Eva PenzeyMoog is a principal designer at 8th Light and the author of Design for Safety. Before joining the tech field she worked in the non-profit space and volunteered as a domestic violence educator and rape crisis counselor. At 8th Light she specializes in user experience design as well as education and consulting in the realm of digital safety design. Her work brings together her expertise in domestic violence and technology, helping technologists understand how their creations facilitate interpersonal harm and how to prevent it through intentionally prioritizing the most vulnerable users. To learn more about Eva, you can visit her website at

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