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Christine Malek: Get Your SASSI Back!
Episode 684th December 2022 • Butterfly Kisses • Amy Gray-Cunningham
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Have you experienced abuse and are on the recovery path? Have you been told to "just be strong" or "just move on" but find yourself unable to get the "Empowered, Resiliency, and Strength" you desire?

This episode is for you if you're struggling to progress despite this well-meaning advice.

"The strength it takes to admit your greatest weakness is much bigger than that weakness."- Christine Malek

Christine Malek is a 57-year-old survivor of abuse who helps women who have been victims of abuse reclaim their strength and inner beauty. She advocates for abuse survivors and encourages them to find their inner SASSI.

This is Christine Malek's story—

Christine Malek is a 57-year-old woman in Tennessee who endured six and a half years of abuse and is a recovering Alcoholic. She now coaches women who have been abused to get their SASSI back by teaching them to be Strong, Assertive, Smart, Sexy, and Independent. Christine emphasizes that it is okay to admit one's greatest weakness and to seek help when needed. She hopes to help women realize that it is not their fault and that they can be empowered through the experience. 

Christine believes women can thrive after abuse and emerge like a Phoenix from the Ashes. It is okay to be comfortable with yourself and love yourself just the way you are. She encourages women to start the conversation when they see signs of abuse in relationships and to help those in need.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  • How can women of abuse find their inner strength and reclaim their inner SASSI?
  • How to start conversations around abuse with our friends and loved ones?
  • How to differentiate between functioning alcoholism and alcoholism to know when enough is enough?

How to find Christine:


Facebook: @SASICoachChristine

Linkedin: @ChristineMalek

Instagram: @Christine_Consulting

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