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The Resilience Backlash: And What Does The Research Say About Its Harmful Role In Burnout? [Episode 031]
Episode 3110th February 2023 • Soultuitive Leaders With Clare Josa • Clare Josa
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Do you secretly cringe when you hear the word 'resilient'? But you need your team to be resilient, rather than falling apart at the slightest knock. What can you do to lead your way through the resilience backlash, why has it become such a dirty word, and what's the antidote?

In today's episode we'll cover:

  • Why there's a not-so-quiet backlash against resilience
  • How resilience becomes toxic
  • Why this is one of the two biggest predictors of burnout
  • The 3 pillars of burnout & how they contribute to toxic resilience
  • What's the antidote? And how could you make a start on that today?

Resources from today's episode:

  1. Experience the Natural Resilience Method® for yourself with my free course: the Natural Resilience Method® Kickstart
  2. Make sure you've subscribed to this podcast to be the first to hear when our Burnout Prevention Toolkit goes live - there's a version for employees and one for line managers and leaders
  3. Take my burnout scorecard, to get your overall risk score, your score again each of the 3 pillars, and a personalised action plan
  4. Read the latest research in our 2022 Burnout Research Study white paper
  5. Change your life forever, with near-zero effort, in just ten minutes a day, even if you hate meditating: Meditation, Made Easy
  6. Want to talk about working together to make toxic resilience a thing of the past in your organisation? Here's where to book a call to talk about using the Natural Resilience Method® and The HOPE Matrix® to create cultural, environmental and habit-based change.

Join In The Discussion:

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