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31. From VP to Booked Out Coach and Speaker with Dani Tan
Episode 331st May 2024 • Cycle Breakers & Money Makers • Mariela De La Mora | Leadership and Business Coach for Women of Color
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Leaving a Senior-Level career is a whole different ballgame than leaving a job. So much of your identity is wrapped up in what you do. It's not just about the salary. But it's possible to step away from a career and build a business that gives you more peace, more freedom, and more aligned opportunities.

My client Dani Tan's story is nothing short of inspiring—she went from being a VP at a top multi-billion dollar retail brand to full-time leadership & career coach and speaker. She's not only booked out and regularly gets flown out for speaking engagements, but she's living her dream of being a digital nomad with her fiancé and is looking forward to solo traveling for 2 months this summer, while her clients are still being served.

Would you believe that just a year ago, the idea of going live on Linkedin freaked her out?

We're breaking down exactly what made Dani's success in the coaching industry possible. In Reclamation Mastermind, she's taken advantage of the peer accountability and runs head first into discomfort. Dani's journey from private to group coaching within Reclamation Mastermind has been absolutely transformative and I'm so excited for you to hear about it today!

In this episode, we're chatting about:

- What it means to be "coachable"

- Why women of color need to become skilled at networking

- The biggest mindset shifts Dani has experienced in Reclamation Mastermind

- The transformation Dani has gone through in the past year

If you want to grow your business alongside incredible leaders like Dani, be ready to schedule a call with me when the doors to Reclamation Mastermind open on May 15th!

In the meantime, join the waitlist by registering for the "5 Steps to 5 Figure Clients" workshop on May 15th, even if you can't make it live.

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