Tools for Self-Shamanism with Shiri Godasi - 6
Episode 613th January 2021 • The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast • Live Free Laura D
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In this episode, Shiri Godesi shares her four-pillar framework (that includes set, setting, skillsets, and support) she uses to help her clients create a “psychedelic roadmap” for maximizing their transformational experience with sacred plant medicines. She also shares applicable tools for what she calls “self-shamanism” to help her clients deepen in their journey, and gain more insights and wisdom along the way. 

In this episode, Shiri Godesi explores:

  • The 4 pillars of the protocol she created and now teaches in her training program for psychedelic facilitation.
  • Two terms she coined called "self-shamanism" and "psychedelic roadmap".
  • Tools for navigating fear.
  • How to hold space for people moving deep, emotional pain.
  • The difference between intention and expectation.
  • Her interesting viewpoint on the often-given advice to surrender. 
  • How she applies attachment style theory to integration coaching. 
  • Her take on psychedelic leadership.
  • How she navigates criticism and intense feedback.
  • What she's learned in this process of launching a psychedelic training program.

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