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Lights, Camera, Connection: How Video is Transforming the Wealth Management Industry with Matt Reiner
Episode 13320th September 2023 • Bridging The Gap • Bridging The Gap
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On today’s episode of Bridging The Gap, our host Matt Reiner dives into the world of video and its significance in our industry. 

Matt explores the benefits of becoming a “movie star” in the financial advisory industry, and how producing your own videos can enhance your role as an advisor.

Matt shares some insights on using video on platforms like LinkedIn and YouTube, as well as within emails. He shares examples of the powerful impact these videos have on building connections with clients. 

Matt then examines how video allows advisors to showcase their passion, emotions, and ultimately deepen relationships with clients. 

Matt also talks through the evolving opportunities utilizing video presents and its potential to revolutionize wealth management in the face of shifting generational wealth.

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