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Can Sustainability Be A Driving Force For The Canadian Economy?
Episode 115th July 2021 • Foresight: The CPA Podcast • CPA Canada
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Our first episode explores what sustainability means in the financial world and what role CPAs play in creating a greener future. 

Davinder Valeri, CPA, CA. Davinder (director of strategy, risk and performance with CPA Canada) and EY Canada East Leader Anne-Marie Hubert discuss this critical shift in the future of our accounting profession. 

They discuss:

  • How environmental sustainability and accounting are increasingly interconnected? ( 0m: 35secs)
  • How CPAs are playing a pivotal role in creating a better future (2m:26 secs)
  • How the pandemic has accelerated sustainability efforts (10m:37secs)
  • The 8 things the roadmap to a sustainable future must include (17m:47secs)
  • What should new CPAs do to position themselves for success in this new space? (20m:14secs)

We have the privilege to live in a world at a time where investors recognize that you will drive greater value for your investors if you drive value for your customers, your employees and society." -- Anne-Marie Hubert

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