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#10 Supply Chain Risk (with Vincent Thiele)
Episode 1013th May 2021 • Attributive Security • Martin Hopkins, Maurice Smit
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News of business impacts from the realisation of cyber risks is all around us. Many of the largest breaches in recent years have involved one or more suppliers in some way. Few will be unaware of Sunburst/Solorigate, and many will have been directly impacted or know people that have been. But it is not just your direct suppliers, or your technology supply chain, that can suffer from a cyber attack that impacts you, as is clear to many following the Colonial Pipeline attack. Do you know who your suppliers suppliers are? Are you gaining any assurance of the cyber security of your non-technology suppliers? Are you assessing during on-boarding only or monitoring over time?

In this episode Martin and Maurice are joined by Vincent Thiele to discuss Supply Chain Risk. How can you identify threats and manage risks originating from the whole graph of your suppliers, their suppliers, ...? Where should you concentrate your efforts and what can you do to meaningfully measure the security posture of suppliers?