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The Testimony of Keira F Jacobs
Episode 222nd February 2023 • The Write Note • J Ryan Fenzel
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Hosts J Ryan and Keira discuss how injecting non-standard character struggles, traits, and relationships into a genre novel can strengthen the story. And they delve into the questions an author must consider before going independent.

Episode highlights:

02:47                 What is a Whim?             

06:25                 A story of choices

11:10                    Character struggles – A writer’s therapy

13:28                  Relationship development in Tarsha (feet up)

16:21                   The joy of dialogue

19:14                   The subtle art of messaging

20:50                 Going independent: Control

23:15                  Going independent: The Numbers

25:44                 Going independent: Unexpected Challenges

27:04                 Going independent: One Crucial Thing to Know

30:16                  Going independent: Social Marketing Fun