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One Helpful Strategy to Use This “IEP Season”
Episode 8512th April 2022 • Special Education Advocacy with Ashley Barlow • Ashley Barlow
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Before I outlined today’s podcast episode, I triple checked that I hadn’t done this topic before,  because it’s nearly impossible that we’re 85 episodes in, and I haven’t talked about this IEP meeting tip… The Future Planning Statement and/or Parent Interest Statement!  When people hire me for a one-time consult, they almost always hear about the FPS/PIS.  I recommend it almost universally!  Sharing your hopes and dreams, as well as the interests behind your positions for upcoming meeting can be a total game changer, and in today’s episode, I’ll walk you through just what to include.  Want more?  Download my guide to writing these babies over on my website.


Create A Future Planning Statement: