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TIAA No Longer Playing by Own Rules
Episode 281st March 2022 • HigherEd Retire • Greg Shepard
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*This episode stems from an article in Investment News (August 2021) and written by Bruce Kelly. As I explain in the episode, I read the article verbatim, interjecting my thoughts around the subject.

SEC recently penalized TIAA $97 MILLION! Listen to this episode to find out why. This podcast episode should be a wake up call to all those in higher ed that run their retirement plan on "auto pilot."

Listen as Greg shares with you as to why YOU need to act as your own fiduciary and not rely on your retirement plan vendors to always act in your best interest.

Pay close attention to a quick story that Greg shares about an employee that saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in her TIAA account only to find out most of her money was tied up in an illiquid annuity - not what she intended to do.

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