The Future of Advice
Episode 22nd April 2017 • Human-centric Investing Podcast • Hartford Funds
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As a financial professional, have you ever wondered if the value you're providing is keeping pace with the changing needs of your clients? Today's retirees are more educated, tech-savvy, and demanding than any previous generation. Each successive generation has great expectations that life will continue to get longer and better as they age. John Diehl and Dr. Joe Coughlin, Director of the MIT AgeLab, discuss the evolution of financial advice and the continuum of financial professional value - including transaction-based value (3:06), planning-based value (4:48), and longevity-solutions value (6:08). Dr. Coughlin also shares three resources financial professionals can draw upon to meet clients' longevity expectations. View the resources from this episode:

Future of Advice diagram:

Future of Advice Whitepaper written by Dr. Coughlin:

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