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78. Finding the Advantage in Adversity - with Doug Bopst #FabulousFriends
Episode 7819th February 2021 • Be Well By Kelly • Kelly Leveque
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Formerly incarcerated and addicted to drugs, Doug Bopst turned his life around in prison with the help of fitness. Now, he’s using his platform as a trainer, author, speaker, and podcaster to empower others and inspire them to elevate their own lives. He’s found a way to alchemize the hardest times in your life into inspiration and motivation, and that is so what we need right now.

You will learn about...

  • How Doug found himself in jail
  • Discovering fitness and health
  • Finding the why behind drug addiction
  • Changing the way you talk to yourself
  • Making decisions to live a healthier lifestyle
  • Using your mistakes to become better


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