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Ravenous Success: Solid Infrastructure & Reliable Performance at the Right Price
Episode 916th February 2023 • Craft of Code • Akamai Cloud Computing (formerly Linode)
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From humble BlogSpot beginnings to millions of pageviews a month, TechRaptor has grown beyond CEO and Founder Rutledge Daugette’s expectations.

We sit down with Rutledge in this episode of the Craft of Code podcast to hear his story, including all the challenges he’s come up against while scaling his website. After experiencing hosting issues thanks to his fast traffic growth, Rutledge turned to Linode for its flexibility, cost, and support.

In this episode, he explains what it’s been like working with Linode and why having a slow and steady approach to scaling has been key to his success.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • How TechRaptor first began
  • Rutledge’s early goals for the website
  • The problems in the gaming website industry
  • How TechRaptor navigated hosting and traffic challenges
  • How Rutledge built a virtual private server as a solution
  • Why Rutledge picked Linode to partner with
  • Why using Linode has enabled TechRaptor to grow
  • Advice for other content creators
  • Why Rutledge prefers to pick partners over vendors

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