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Brand Marketing with Greg Donnelly
Episode 416th September 2020 • Growth Collective • Growth Collective
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Join us on this week's episode as Max and Greg discuss the importance of placing an emphasis on brand marketing. They discuss topics like:

  • What brand marketing is [01:45]
  • Tangible vs intangible brand marketing [02:20]
  • Importance of brand for early stage companies [03:31]
  • Why you should invest in branding [04:40]
  • Importance of brand design [10:15]
  • What to consider first when branding [11:29]
  • How to evolve a single product into a brand [13:44]
  • How to research for branding [15:08]
  • Importance of market fit [16:36]
  • The right time to invest in branding [25:29]
  • Why startups should consider hiring an interim CMO or brand marketer first [30:11]
  • Benefits of freelancing [40:26]