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53. Fastest, Easiest Way to Improved Sales and Marketing - Customer Interviews
Episode 5327th May 2021 • Inspire to Engage • Rachel Eubanks
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Customer interviews. Most business owners overlook this gold mine, and it's right at their finger tips. Literally. This treasure trove is just a phone call away.

It's amazing what we can learn about our business in a 10 minute phone chat with a loyal customer.

This episode is about the why, the how and the questions to ask when you interview your best clients.

In it, I include...

my tip for scheduling the calls that will keep you from pulling out your hair.

a template for your email initiating the customer interview.

the questions to ask.

how this short chat provides you tons of great content for social media posts, emails, etc.

Most of us spend hours and days, even months, pondering our next business move or wondering if our copy resonates with customers...when we could be spending a few minutes on the phone, learning from our most loyal clients.

Customer interviews save you time and worry in the long run!

Links Mentioned in the Episode:

Google Doc for Email Template and Questions to Ask

Creating an Ideal Customer Story (a short course that helps you identify and write to your ideal customer) -




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