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110 | Why Conscious Leadership Today? with Lynn Rousseau
Episode 1105th June 2023 • Sacred Changemakers • Jayne Warrilow
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Our guest on the podcast today is Lynn Rousseau, CEO and Founder of The Conscious Leader, a coaching and consulting company helping business leaders create intentional cultures to produce exceptional outcomes. Her specialty is in individual and team leadership development, serving as a trusted advisor for 20+ years to C-suite executives. Lynn and her team of coaches work with leaders to uncover the habits and behaviors getting in their way of success. Executives learn new skills and practices to create new productive habits. The Conscious Leader serves clients in three ways 1) individual coaching, 2) team coaching, and 3) group programs.

In today’s conversation, we discuss the importance of conscious leadership in the workplace, what it is, how it differs from what we already think and know about leadership, and why it is so essential today. Lynn brings forward a unique perspective that emphasizes self-awareness and intentionality, the need for leaders to take into account multiple perspectives, and build strong resonant connections with employees.

I think it’s true to say that Lynn takes a stand for the people, the humanness which is so often forgotten in the pressure cooker of organizational life which is why conscious leadership is her M.O. as it promotes change and growth across all aspects of life, not just our careers or positional authority as leaders. And this resonates with what we talk about in the Sacred Changemakers community, that we are all being called right now to step up and lead, and in my conversation with Lynn today, You’re going to learn how no matter who you are or what you do as a profession this is a valuable conversation that will give you so many insights…

If you want to develop your leadership, step up to be and do things differently then I encourage you to listen to this deeply resonant dialogue for insights. I suspect you’ll enjoy Lynn's perspective on what we can do to be more effective leaders. I think you’ll enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Key Takeaways

  • How conscious leadership is a fundamental life skill that supports your success.
  • The key elements needed to lead effectively today
  • How to create a space of trust and shared success within your team
  • Lynn’s real-life examples of how conscious leadership creates many benefits for organizations
  • The steps to take to shift your own experience of leadership to become more conscious

Memorable Quote

“As we heal ourselves, we heal the planet. And if you think about becoming a more effective leader, becoming a conscious leader, it's really about becoming a better human.”—Lynn Rousseau

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