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Wind and Solar Can’t Work
30th April 2023 • Digital Nomad on FIRE • Nick Donnelly
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Wind and Solar energy can never work to generate power on a grid scale. Unless you’re living in a cabin in the woods they’re a TERRIBLE way to generate electricity.

Both are extremely unpredictable. Solar doesn’t work at night and generates far less power when it’s cloudy and in the winter (specially if your solar cells are covered in snow or sand).

Wind is also extremely unpredictable. The main thing you want for grid baseload generation is a predictable flow of power.

This unpredictability means you need gas peaker plant (batteries on a grid scale just can’t hold enough power for a day let along a very unwindy cloudy month say).

Nuclear power, specially liquid molten salt Thorium and Nuclear Fusion will give us very cheap very reliable power.

Nuclear also solves climate change in ways wind and solar can’t, and if you think climate change is exaggerated nuclear is still the best choice IMHO.

Yet you almost never hear anybody make these points.

If you think I’ve missed something, maybe I have, please comment below and tell me what...