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How to Think About Price
Episode 198th March 2022 • THE AMPLIFII PODCAST • René Rodriguez
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“Price” is often the first and primary obstacle for anyone in sales, but also anyone looking AT ANY investment. Asking for an investment of time, energy, promotion or yes, money, will often come down to “the price”

But SHOULD that be the first question? Is that what YOU believe?

“I don’t mind spending more, as long as the experience matches. I want you to have that approach as well.”

In this episode, René helps us reframe the price question for ourselves, by taking into account value and considering the “time of performance” as centrally as “moment of purchase”. We also discuss classic pitches for framing price and bring them into the modern era, discarding what is no longer of use and repurposing the valuable gems at the center of these old ideas.

Show Resources:

01:40 - “cost” or “investment” is not JUST about PRICE

02:55 - Do you believe PRICE is #1?

03:35 - Higher Price comes with higher expectations

05:12 - Overcoming your price frame is an internal battle FIRST

06:19 - Zig Ziglar’s (and Rene’s) time selling Saladmaster

08:19 - The “Quality Close”

12:45 - The modern takeaway on the “Quality Close”

15:47 - “But I can get it cheaper somewhere else!”

18:51 - “The price is just too high.”

21:32 - The AMPLIFII Alan Shepard close

24:15 - Don’t let “the moment of purchase” outweigh “the time of performance”

26:54 - The difference between manipulation and influence

27:30 - What does it cost to bring me in? Or what does it cost to NOT bring me in?

30:44- It all comes down to, what do you believe?

32:00 - So much to come, share the show and Rene’s message with friends

32:15 - AMPCON 2022 March 14th,

32:30 -