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TCA Ep1023: The Only Toronto Maple Leafs Preview Show That Matters ft Jeff Veillette.
11th October 2022 • Tall Can Audio • Tall Can Audio
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It’s a short but crazy weeek as we kick off the NHL season. At the beginning of each hockey year we run a total breakdown of both squads involved in the Battle of Ontario and today Jeff Veillette joins Matt to handle the Toronto Maple Leafs side of things.

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We ask Jeff about how underwhelming offseasons are to be expected for a team like the Leafs, whether the goaltending is really as bad as many think it could be, why the D remains underrated across the league, if this forward group is deeper than it’s been in previous years and finally hit some over/unders for the squad.

Jeff is a wonderfully insightful guest who has a unique take on the team and we always appreciate him making time for us.

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