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#129: Leveraging Loyalty Levers to Support COVID Education and Action in India
Episode 12929th July 2021 • Let's Talk Loyalty • Paula Thomas
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Like the rest of the world, the Covid 19 pandemic is perhaps the toughest challenge that India has faced yet. 

So can the loyalty industry help? 

The "Young Warriors" movement has been created to leverage loyalty mechanics for a social cause rather than a commercial one - to educate, inspire and reassure particularly young people in India on how best to protect themselves and their families against Covid-19. 

These "young warriors" have created a social currency that recognises those who are sharing accurate information, support services and taking positive action to support their communities against the disease, in partnership with both the public and private sectors for maximum impact and scale in a country of almost 1.4 billion people - many of whom live in remote villages.

This inspiring interview explains how Unicef's "Generation Unlimited" organisation is harnessing Whatsapp as the country's leading messaging platform, along with partnerships with community radio stations to ensure no-one is left behind. 

A truly inspiring insight in to how loyalty levers are making an impact against COVID 19.

Show Notes:

1) Madan Padaki 

2) Yuwaah Young Warriors Initiative 

3) Generation Unlimited 

4) Chatbot: +91 96504 14141





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