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Ep21 - Should I Speak Or Should I Write
Episode 2111th June 2019 • The RK3 Show • Robert Kennedy III
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Typically, authors take two to three years before publishing their book; my guest, Dianna Booher, writes two books a year and has written forty-eight (48) so far!

Aside from this, she has been named as one of the Top 100 minds in Personal Development according to Leadership Excellence Magazine, a member of the National Speakers Association Speaker Hall of Fame, a communications expert, and the founder of Booher Research Institute. 

What’s In Store For You

  • [04:14] Dianna shares her new book “Faster, Fewer, Better Emails”
  • [04:54] How has Dianna managed to write 48 books so far?
  • [05:53] What are writing marathons and how does it work?
  • [08:24] How can one constantly write for 12 hours straight and not run out of information to share?
  • [11:17] Are “book proposals” still practical in the world of Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and the like?
  • [13:52] What is the advantage of having a speaker who is also a writer versus a typical speaker?
  • [16:00] Does Dianna have one pivotal moment that made a big difference in her career?
  • [17:29] If one wants to become an influencer or expand their platform, what should they do?

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