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The Week with Roger - Roger Entner EPISODE 22, 15th February 2021
This Week: Open RAN with Special Guest Mike Dano
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This Week: Open RAN with Special Guest Mike Dano

Special Guest Mike Dano talks with Roger and Don about the state of OpenRan.

0:47: Mike shares his broad assessment of the state of Open RAN.

2:04: Political implications of Open RAN in the U.S.

3:59: How is Rakuten in Japan fairing with Open RAN?

4:45: AT&T and other big U.S. carriers could be taking advantage of Open RAN.

5:25: The state of Open RAN in India and the U.K.

6:58: Open RAN and security.

9:45: The differences between Open RAN and Open Source.

10:24: Does Open RAN simplify operations?

12:06: What might need to change in Open RAN in order for major carriers in the U.S. to move forward with it.

14:45: A discussion about Huawei and what happens when the small fish becomes the big fish in the pond.

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