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28. What is ADHD Coaching? with Michele Toner
Episode 287th August 2023 • ADHD Mums • Jane McFadden
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Jane interviews Michele Toner who has been supporting people with ADHD since 1995 and she was the first ADHD coach ever in Australia in 2003. Michele has now mentored over 100 ADHD coaches and promotes ADHD Awareness. Michele was awarded an OAM in 2021 for her work in ADHD.


- How did Michele begin in this industry?

- What training is involved with ADHD coaching?

- How does it differ from Psychologists?

- How do you pick a good ADHD coach?

- Adult diagnosis and that journey and how it relates to ADHD coaching.

- Can the NDIS fund ADHD coaching?

- Sometimes the smallest achievements for ADHD people are really hard. ie. getting to work on time.

- Self esteem and ADHD - ongoing dialogue about what we aren't good at from ourselves and others.

- The validation that someone needs when they are considering going to get a diagnosis

- How can we make the world more inclusive? Jane shares taking her kids to Australia Zoo which ended in security coming

as her 4 x year melted down in the canteen because the customer service person poured his drink into a cup.

- Does parenting cause ADHD or does ADHD make parenting very difficult?

- Michele shares about how it felt receiving an OAM.

- How can we encourage people to be more inclusive?

- Family coaching with an ADHD coaching

- What would Michele say to someone who has just been diagnosed as an adult?

Directory on how to find a ADHD coach as below:




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